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Decompress zipped File .

Create 2 Database in your SQL Server and Restore Backup File Stored in "DataBasebackup" Folder in Root Of Decompressed file .

Create New WebSite In IIS and Move Files from UI Folder to this website .


if you running in localhost , you must install a Mail Server , because this application use Email to Active Users and Send Password Recovery information .

( you can use MDaemon Mail Server - to Read email in this mail server , use http://Localhost:3000/ )

and you must change email validation in "Signup.aspx" and other pages to use local mail address ( ex : me@localhost )


you can manage Users , Categories , Topics , ... with Admin Account ( and Role )

Default Admin Account Is :

UserID : ahmad

Password : 0000


Note  :   If you have any problem with DataBseBackups , Download DataBases(.mdf,.ldf)(2) from here And Attach to your sql server . 

This Website is Designed For Persian Language , But You Can Translate It and Use for other languages .


I Running This Website At


Please Report Me Any Bug To


Good Luck

Ahmad Ahmadi

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